Maybe there was a time when small businesses did not need the help of social media to promote their products and services. The businesses seem to have gained confidence and become more active in their social media marketing skills as they tend to provide many opportunities. If you are struggling trying to get used to the social media platforms, here are some great tips to follow.


Stick to the One-In-Seven Posts Trick

The rule dictates that only one post of each seven posts you distribute ought to be utilized to advance your business transparently. Six of the remaining posts should be used to focus on sharing informative content with the audience. These include posts from the audience as well. This does not mean you cannot advertise about your products and services through other posts. However make sure you couple it with excellent content.

Squeeze In a Question or Two in Your Posts

Make sure to engage your consumers. Most of the customers tend to relish sharing their opinions. Ask your Facebook followers and fans to weigh in on arguments that are related to your business and products that would interest them. For example, if you run a fitness centre you can ask your customers to share what their best summer sport is. And maybe you can even offer them private lessons once they have recommended the gym to a friend of theirs. If you are not familiar with the technical aspect of social media where you can monitor these responses and interpret them you can seek help from a popular social marketing agency.

Share Your Professional Expertise

inform your fans and followers of fun facts and interesting data that is related to the field that you are producing your products and services in. For example, if you are providing contracted painting, you can share ideas and little tips about painting a house, the procedures of painting and tips on keeping the paint on for a considerable period of time.

Look to Share Value

All the while sharing posts that reflect the personality of your business, it is really important that you share and provide content that will be advantageous for your fans. This means you get to post ideas, best practices and even tips to inform the followers of your products and services.

Provide Users with Rewards for Check-Ins on Virtual Platforms

Perhaps for a specific period of time, make sure to double the points you provide each customer for visiting your website or even referring the site or the products to a friend or a family member. Offer discounts and even coupons for them for visiting these channels.

Build a Pinterest Board for Your Business

Do remember to add an attractive twitch to the visuals of the Pinterest board that would convince and reward the customers for their contribution. Make sure to motivate them to re-pin them and even build their own board that would represent their interest in the campaign. This will improve the social engagement of your fans and followers and create a way to capture the audience who is still active on Pinterest.

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