As a business owner who runs a website, your awareness and knowledge on the importance of web and cyber security is really important. By opening yourself up to this knowledge you will be able to keep all your important data and files safe and help out in the long term health of your business. Here is a brief guide to some important questions that you must answer as a business owner with a web page.

Which Industries Can Be Significantly Targeted By Hackers?

There is no single industry in the world today, which can consider themselves immune to hackers. Hacking is no longer just limited to stealing private data. They also now want to create sort of hacker communities where they can hide away malware so that it can spread to any visitor who comes on to the page. They will also list down the particular attacked web page on the DDS or the Distributed Denial of Service list. Retail is certainly a very popular hot spot for hackers along with healthcare, financial service providers and government organizations. So how can you be safe? By installing a simple web security software like Siteguard that will help you ensure the safety of sensitive information. Seeing as how the prevention is so easy and simple, why look for a cure?

Is There A Reason Why October Is National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

There is no definitive proof to say why this month has been labelled as such but it definitely is one of the busiest times for hackers. Therefore, it is also a great time to raise awareness. This awareness is critical to ensuring the safety of the cyber world as a whole and more and more companies are now joining hands in accomplishing this mission.

What Is The First Step That Any Business Owner Should Take To Protect Their Web Pages?

There is no way to single out just one step that a business owner should take. There are many simple ways of handling this though such as creating strong passwords and not repeating them over and over again for every page that you may login to. Also make sure that all devices such as mobiles that you use to access the page are also equally safe so that hackers cannot use it as a launch pad.  The most practical step would be to use a software and services of a security provider that will cover you on all the bases where web security is concerned.

Can The Right Hosting Service Provider Offer Security As Well?

Absolutely. A hosting service provider is mandatory to the web security procedure. The infrastructure of your web pages will be provided by the host and therefore, understandably the foundations on which it is created must be safe and strong. It is also essential that the web development is done in the right manner which many people fail to comprehend. According to a report from Verizon, web pages are now targeted more by hackers as opposed to servers or networks.

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