Thinking of doing a commercial? That’s a great way to bring in some exposure for your brand. However not all commercials work. And if you think about it really, out of the hundreds of commercials that you have seen on the TV, on billboards and the likes, you only remember maybe one or two. Why would you remember them? Because somewhere somehow they connected with your consumer ideas and you will buy that product or service because you feel that it is good. So what mistakes makes the other ones not do so well? Here are a few things that you need to be mindful of.

Not Choosing the Right Production Team

One of the worst mistakes that you could make would be to choose the wrong production team. Always look for a good video production agency Melbourne or the likes, with a solid portfolio that proves to you that they are capable of taking your project and making it a complete success. Therefore, what you need to do first would be to start looking for a good service provider who can help you with this. They will essentially be running point on this so you need to know that you are choosing the right people for the job. Be careful of falling for false hopes and be realistic when you choose and sign up.

Not Having A Clear and Effective Concept

Another main reason as to why a commercial would not do as well as expected could be because the entire concept failed as a whole. Nowadays customers like commercials of a certain type that depict the human element, relationships and emotions in them. The majority of commercials that trend and go viral are ones that carry a rather timely and sobering social message. Therefore if you commercial is just plain forced on selling something people may not take note of it. On the other hand, even though are creative with a concept, it should not be so creative that nobody is able to understand it. Anybody watching the advert should be able to see the connection that it has to what your product or service is.

Casting the Wrong Actors

Your actors or models that you choose to be part of the commercial have to be right for the part. Now it could be possible that the advert feature somebody foreign, and maybe they are attractive and exotic, but would it make the product that you are advertising to the local market? Sometimes yes, but sometimes it may not. It depends entirely upon your audience and what kind of message you are trying to give them. The actors that you choose will represent your brand on screen so make sure that you take wise decisions after discussing with those involved about who you would like to cast. The agency that you hire will also not hire anybody without your approval so be clear on what it is that you want to get out of this investment. Avoid these mistakes and create a good commercial.

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